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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Collaboratition [kəˌlabə ri TISH (ə)] (n): the act of collaborating for the sake of sharpening a competitive edge.

Working together to compete against each other? It’s an ironic twist but a central ingredient in our region’s success.

We call it “Collaboratition.” It means collaborating to enhance competition, and it’s what sets the Research Triangle Region apart.

Our communities set the example. Cities, counties and towns here strive to draw their share of new businesses and people. But they also know that in joining together to grow the overall region’s economy first, they have the best shot at winning in a field where people, ideas, investment capital and job opportunities flow freely across states, nations and continents.

Collaborating builds a strong region. Competition divvies up greater rewards.

Companies in our region also have a knack for this. Leading firms engaged in smart grid technologies, fierce competitors in the international marketplace, collaborate here on a common objective – creating the intelligent, electrical network of tomorrow.

By collaborating on the front end, companies know they can compete at a more elevated and profitable level on the back end. Similar stories may be told by firms across our economy and across our clusters.

Our culture of competitiveness and collaboration drives people, places and companies here to think, work, build and succeed. The word may not be found in every region’s dictionary. But it’s easy for us to say. And do.