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Q: What do bees, Thelonious Monk and the Research Triangle Region all have in common.

A: All rely on cross-pollination as the spark that makes nature work, jazz tunes hum and modern businesses flourish. 

Cross-pollination helps distinguish winning companies from the also-rans of their industry. It’s also what sets the Research Triangle Region apart. Our open, accessible communities all make for a unique regional atmosphere where collaboration among businesses and people comes as, well, second nature. 

There is value-added interaction between our clusters. Take Cary-based SAS Institute, a global Informatics leader that is partnering with utility companies and CleanTech solutions providers in pioneering SmartGrid systems that are set to transform the way power is distributed and consumed. Similarly, scientists from our Biological Agents and Infectious Diseases cluster are working alongside colleagues drawn from the region’s Defense Technologies cluster, such as Durham’s IEM, in developing next-generation vaccines that have both military and commercial importance. Virtual Heroes, a leading name in our Interactive Gaming and e-Learning cluster, is collaborating with advanced medical care leaders in creating engaging and accessible instructional programs for paramedics and rural healthcare providers. 

Uniting them all is little more than a mutual desire to innovate.

Fueling prosperity in the Research Triangle Region is cross-pollination between business leaders, educational institutions and governmental organizations at all levels. Their common ground: maintaining the region’s extraordinary culture of innovation, job creation and business growth. That same ethos is practiced by our communities -- a diverse and dynamic patchwork of urban, suburban and rural areas that converge to form a single, vibrant global destination for business, people and ideas.  

Cross-pollination makes great music. It makes sound science. It makes good sense for a competitive regional economy… 

….and it comes naturally to us.