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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

What do bees, Thelonious Monk and the Research Triangle Region all have in common?

A. They rely on cross-pollination as the spark that makes nature work, jazz tunes hum and modern businesses flourish.

Cross-pollination distinguishes winning companies from the also-rans of their industry, and it’s what sets the Research Triangle Region apart.

Our open, accessible communities make for a unique regional atmosphere where collaboration among businesses and people comes as, well, second nature. 

Our technology-enabled clusters find value-added interaction between and among them.

Energy companies and utilities mix with Big Data and analytics firms to develop the smart grid and intelligent services. Biological Agents and Infectious Diseases cluster companies team with defense technology companies to develop vaccines and treatments for military and commercial uses. Interactive Gaming and e-Learning companies collaborate with Advanced Medical Care firms to create engaging and accessible instructional programs for paramedics and rural healthcare providers. 

Cross-pollination makes great music. It makes sound science. It makes good sense for a competitive regional economy. And fortunately occurs naturally here.