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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager


The Research Triangle Region's utility needs are well met by an all-star lineup of providers.

Electric Power. Progress Energy, Duke Energy, ElectriCities of North Carolina and the North Carolina Electric Membership Corp. provide reliable, abundant electric power to companies in our region. ElectriCities and North Carolina Electric Membership Cooperatives are cooperative umbrella organizations for smaller providers of electricity.

Electric utility companies are integral partners of our economic development network. They work continually to identify and understand the needs of our companies and provide power at rates that allow them to operate competitively.

Electric Power Companies

  • Duke Energy
  • ElectriCities of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Electric Membership Cooperatives
  • Progress Energy

Natural Gas. Four companies - PSNC Energy, North Carolina Natural Gas Corporation, Piedmont Natural Gas and Frontier Energy - provide natural gas and energy management services to companies in our region.

Natural Gas Companies

  • PSNC Energy
  • North Carolina Natural Gas Corporation
  • Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Frontier Energy