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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Globally Connected

Our homegrown businesses have quickly learned that expanding operations globally comes with fantastic benefits – like access to new customers and resources. And international business was just the beginning. Not only have businesses taken advantage of global connections, but universities, communities and civic leaders across our region have developed formal alliances with partners around the world.

Examples : SAS Institute, market leader in intelligence software and services. Cree, market leader in LED solid-state lighting components. And Quintiles Transnational Corporation, market leader in pharmaceutical services. They’ve all developed multi-national businesses that are competing globally and prospering, creating jobs and investment for our region.

Consider RTI International, which deploys 3,700 employees to 75 countries to pursue leading-edge research, analysis and projects that improve the human condition. They’ve been a major force in establishing the legal framework for a democratic, representative and participatory form of decentralized government in Iraq. That’s not just international jobs, it’s effecting international change.

The region’s universities are also heavily engaged in the global economy, with our three renowned research universities (Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) involved in more than 500 formal partnerships around the world.

And naturally, those universities make us home to hundreds of international faculty members, along with more than 18,000 foreign students from 100 countries. Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in particular have long ranked among the “most internationalized” campuses in the United States.