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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Companies and communities are moving our region to the next competitive – and sustainable – level.

In any given time frame, our story is about exceptional people doing extraordinary things.

Today, they’re creating an extraordinarily powerful location where new inventions, new companies, new opportunities and new horizons create economic opportunity and a superbly sustainable quality of life.

You’ll find smart around every turn.  

Smart people. More than 47 percent of our adults hold college degrees, significantly more than the national average of 38 percent. With 34,000 more people moving in each year, the region not only is home to smart people, it’s a beacon for them.

Smart governance. Even small towns in our region partner with major names in intelligent infrastructure to develop smart electric and water systems, saving save money and natural resources and offering customers the latest in intelligent services.

Smart mobility. Hikers, bikers and joggers navigate hundreds of miles of greenways with an app that directs them, while motorists travel our interstates more smoothly and efficiently with assist from an intelligent transportation system.

Smart environment. We cut water usage in half at two U.S. Open golf tournaments last summer thanks to innovations designed by university researchers to reduce the environmental footprint of those events.

Smart living. Local foodies build sustainable livelihoods promoting fresh homegrown goods, while technology partners develop a 7,000-plus-acre model sustainable live, work and play community in a rural part of our region.

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