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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Smart. Creative. Diverse. Good-looking.

Okay, that last quality may be subjective, but it's a proven fact that innovative, driven, qualified workers are abundant here in the Research Triangle Region.

Our workforce is 1.2 million strong and growing, with educational backgrounds, expertise, knowledge and skills that meet the diverse needs of our diverse companies at every level.

They're here – and keep coming – for the quality of place, the ease and low cost of living, shorter commute times and access to quality healthcare, excellent education, and abundance of food, culture, outdoor and sporting options.  

You’ll find smart around every turn.  

Smart. Forty-seven percent of our workforce hold college degrees. Our major cities rank among the most educated and "brainiest" in the country. And our research and liberal arts colleges and universities produce a steady stream of forward-thinking workers with innovative minds creating tomorrow's ideas today and shaping the companies that shape the future.

Creative. Our research universities, rehabbed downtowns, edgy design collectives and collaborative incubators attract the type of folks who prompted the New York Times to dub this area North Carolina's "axis of cool."

Entrepreneurial. We’re home to the largest entrepreneurial support organization in the country (Council for Entrepreneurial Development). Each of our universities operates entrepreneurship programs. Startup incubators, like American Underground, HQ Raleigh and Moore Forward, infuse entrepreneurial thinking and doing in every sector. An intentional push to nurture diversity in our ranks produces significantly more female- and minority-led ventures here year after year.

Growing. More than 70 people move to our region each year, drawn by the depth of economic opportunity, the strength of our universities, our famed quality of life and the many lifestyle choices available. Their decision to come - and the massive influx they represent - means companies here can attract and retain talent they need to grow.

Hard-working. A strong work ethic – a legacy of our agricultural and mill heritage – is an invaluable benefit to employers. Highly skilled and ready to work, our workers exceed employer expectations.  Seeking some highly trained, incredibly disciplined additions to your team? An army of veterans from our military bases stand ready to serve.

Prepared. Community colleges, K-12 schools and 15 colleges and universities produce an abundant supply of graduates – we’re talking 42,000 of them every year – who are flexible, adaptable and equipped with the knowledge and skills our companies need to thrive.