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Doesn't that coffee smell good!

Terry NaegelenNovember 1, 2012

As an avid coffee drinker, I can tell you that the Research Triangle Region is a combination of thirteen aromatic, well blended counties. Their characteristics are all over the map like a great pot of coffee; the smells and flavors that just pull you in, until you can’t resist the urge to pour yourself a good cup of Joe. That is what makes the Research Triangle Region a brewing hotspot for some of the most talented people from all over the world. 

Over the last fiscal year, the Research Triangle Regional Partnership has given 138 presentations to about 6,400 people!  Our guests couldn’t resist it anymore. They are coming from The Netherlands, France, China, Japan and many other countries all over the world. They are CEOs, site selection consultants, business leaders, academia and people just like you and me.  They can smell the rich aroma of this region we all call home - The Research Triangle Region.  They desire to learn more about our regional assets (universities, talent, strategic planning and collaboration), and how the region implements the triple helix model for regional economies.  They want to see it firsthand.  They want to discover the secret ingredients of this region.

The secret of our success is, among other things, our strategic plan, The Shape of Things to Come, which was created by a great group of regional leaders and partners. Over 150 organizations work on this plan to ensure our global competitiveness - now that is a lot of coffee beans!

We continue to see more people, companies, organizations and international governments coming to this region to learn about our successes, which means that I will need to make sure the coffee is always brewing.

Doesn’t that coffee smell good!

Author:  Terry Naegelen, Vice President, Operations, Research Triangle Region


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