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Healthy Air Means a Healthy Economy

Triangle Air AwarenessWhen I tell people I work for an air quality education program that is housed within an economic development organization, I often get surprised looks.  It’s an opportunity to explain the vital connection between the two topics:  good air quality means strong economic development potential.

Counties wanting to attract new business, especially manufacturers, know the value of continuing to meet air quality standards set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  We’re fortunate in that, in the Research Triangle Region, all of our counties currently meet those standards.  What does that mean for businesses—existing and new--requiring emissions permits from the NC Division of Air Quality?

  • Avoidance of fines, and
  • Avoidance of additional capital investments to further minimize emissions.

Clean air is attractive to all businesses, regardless of industry, because it means:

  • A location that is attractive to employees, especially when coupled with the other assets our beautiful state has to offer, and
  • Lower healthcare costs for employees and, subsequently, employers.  Air pollution is tied to heart disease and asthma, the latter of which is the number one reason for missed school days among children in North Carolina.

Triangle Air Awareness is here to help keep the Research Triangle Region healthy and attractive to employers, giving the region an advantage in economic development opportunities.  We love meeting with county economic development commissions. (Just ask Franklin and Person Counties!)  We offer free, educational programing to employers and schools in all counties within the Research Triangle Region, and we host special events for members of our Business Coalition, membership in which is free.  Email or call me to talk about ways to keep our air healthy and our economic development growing: 919-707-8703.

Author: Elaine Loyack, Program Coordinator, Triangle Air Awareness


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