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It's a paddle board, it's a zipline, it's skee ball, no it's a beer trolley!

Wake County Economic DevelopmentI’ve been a resident of the Triangle region for just over five years now, and I am always proud to answer the question, where do you live. I really enjoy answering that question because I am proud of where I live, and there are so many different things that I can respond with about why I love this area.

When I think about all the adventures and activities I’ve participated in over the past five years, there’s no shortage of items to discuss. There are so many unique experiences that the area holds, and most people aren’t aware of. For example, did you know you can go paddle boarding on a variety of different lakes here? Don’t know what paddle boarding is? Think of surfing, on calm water using a paddle to steer and move. You can take one class, multiple classes, or even buy your own paddle board through Triangle Glides in Raleigh. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and is relaxing as well as a good workout.

If you prefer to stay amongst the trees, you can always take your adventures to new heights and go zip-lining. Strap on your helmet, harness, and hook into the line. The only thing left to do is step off the platform and away you go. If you’ve never done it, there’s nothing quite like stepping off a platform and flying through a forest checking out the scenery on your way to the next tree. It’s a beautiful scenic adventure, filled with anticipation and fear taking that first step without a floor underneath your feet.

So maybe you prefer staying closer to the ground, there’s always the trolley pub. Grab your 13 closest friends, and jump on the Trolley Pub. It’s a 14-person pedal powered trolley with a conductor in the captains’ seat. Bring your own alcohol, and pedal along as your conductor steers through the streets of downtown Raleigh making stops at some of your favorite bars and restaurants. Be sure to wave to all the passerby’s and pedestrians who stop to take a picture of the trolley pub.

As we are heading into the winter months, you may opt to stay inside instead of venturing out into the brisk cold of a North Carolina winter. Remember when you were young going to arcades, dropping a token into the machine, hearing the balls roll down and throwing them up the alley towards the bulls-eye of point values? Skeeball is no longer a game of the past, now you can play in a league on a weekly basis, and compete in teams for bragging rights for the season. 

Paddle boarding, zip-lining, trolley pub and a skeeball league… what more could you ask for? A low cost of living? Tons of lakes and walking trails? Professional Sports? Outdoor concert venues? Oh yeah, we’ve got those too.

Author: Casey Cronce, Director of Research, Wake County Economic Development


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