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Need to Breathe

Lee Anne NanceThe last mile in a long run. The third walk when you’re the pitcher’s mom.  The first step out of the plane at 13,500 feet. Two headlights when your teenager has missed curfew.  One more comment from the guy in the back of the room. Three hours between flights. Breathe, Lee Anne. Inhale. Exhale. Just breathe.

You always need to breathe.  There are times you need to breathe more.

In support of this mantra, today’s blog introduces you to two breaths of fresh air.

The first is a great band I’ve recently discovered that happens to be named NeedtoBreathe. You might already know this Charleston based band and their leader singer, Bear. If not, check them out. I’m hooked on Drive all Night and Open Your Eyes.  Click on these links and let me know what you think. For me, it’s darn good breathing material. It will get you through that last mile for sure.

The second is a “feast for the senses” video that RTRP released this week about the vibrant art scene in nearby Pittsboro. I can’t believe we have to pay Andy Poe to have as much fun as he had while shooting this video in beautiful Chatham County, one of the thirteen counties located in the Research Triangle Region.

Take a look at the video – Artistic Innovations.

Better yet, take a breather, turn up the tunes, and make the short drive to experience this amazing community for yourself. 

Have a cup of coffee in a cool café. Share a picnic and a bottle of wine on the Haw River. Chat with the artists and learn their stories. Tell them yours. Huddle up to the pit while the Raku is firing. Experience abstract art that reminds me of the stained glass in my grandmother’s church. Just breathe. Breathe easy.

Breathe easy, indeed.

Author: Lee Anne Nance, Senior Vice President, Research Triangle Region


  1. Emily Hope's avatar
    Emily Hope
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    Lee Anne,
    Great words of advice. I decided to take a breather from work today and listen to Drive All Night and Open Your Eyes. Loved them both, but I have to say my favorite was Drive All Night. I will add that to my iTunes library!

    Wow...I also think I'm going to drive all the way to Pittsboro and not only check out the cafe but the artists mentioned in the video. Raku looks very interesting to me. Sounds like a road trip is in order...soon.

    By the way, you've given us the art of the written word with your blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Great job my friend!
  2. Lee Anne Nance's avatar
    Lee Anne Nance
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    Thanks for reading, Emily! There are so many "hidden jewels" in the Research Triangle Region -- right down the road! Let me know when you take that ride to Pittsboro -- we can grab a few other folks and make a day of it!
  3. Kathy Hamilton's avatar
    Kathy Hamilton
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    Thanks for sharing this well written blog and the great information! Loved the Raku and would enjoy learning more about this art. Open Your Eyes is now added to my music library and I appreciate you sharing the great talent of the artists, the band and the wonderful town of Pittsboro! I can so relate to this and the "need to breathe".
  4. Lee Anne Nance's avatar
    Lee Anne Nance
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    Kathy, you need to join Emily and me on the "road trip" to Pittsboro. A little art and jewelry shopping has been proven to be a pretty good breathing technique...

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