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Person County is "Energizing" Locations with Five Electric Producing Plants

Person County Economic DevelopmentPerson County is located north of the City of Durham/Durham County and is an energy producing rich county. When Duke Power and Progress Energy recently merged to create the new Duke Energy, the nation’s largest utility, the “new Duke” now has two of Progress Energy’s large steam electric generating plants in Person County. One is located 10 miles west of Roxboro, NC on NC Highway 57 and commonly called the Roxboro Steam Electric Plant at Hyco Lake. This plant has been ranked in the top ten electric power generating stations in the US during recent years. The power generated by the four generators produces 2500 Megawatts. The power leaves the station on transmission lines carrying 230,000 or 500,000 volts. The cooling reservoir originally needed for this plant was the origination of Hyco Lake, a lake that covers 3,750 acres (25 billion gallons on water) with 160 miles of shoreline of excellent boating, fishing (bass and crappie), swimming, natural beauty, 1400 beautiful homes around the lake and Hyco Lake Park and Marina.

The second steam electric plant in Person County is the single unit Mayo Steam plant located about 11 miles north of Roxboro that has the capacity of 727 megawatts and was placed in operation in the 1980’s.  Again, a cooling reservoir was built for this plant that is called Mayo Lake. Mayo Lake is a 2,800 acre lake with a 120 acre park operated by Person County Parks and Recreation.   Person County has the distinction of been the oldest county recreational department in the State of North Carolina with programs beginning in the 1940s Mayo Lake has very few homes built around this lake and wildlife is abundant around this lake. Mayo Lake has tent and RV Camping, walking, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking and fishing, cabins, and community center.

Supporting these two steam plants is a primary energy power plant also operating in Person County selling contract power and owned by Capital Power, an Alberta, Canada based company. This primary energy power plant has an annual production of 67.5 megawatts with an in service date of 1987.

Finally, Person County is also the home of two solar parks. The solar parks are an effort by the new Duke Energy to meet North Carolina’s Renewable and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) passed in 2007, which mandates an increasing portion of energy production from renewable energy beginning at 3 percent of retail electrical sales by 2012 and rising to 6 percent by 2016. The first photovoltaic (PV) solar plant on site is the 650 KW dc Person County Solar Park 1 built by Carolina Solar Energy LLC in 2009. The second PV plant also built by Carolina Solar Energy in 2011 and located in Person County is a solar installation covering seven acres in the Person County’s  Business and Industrial Center featuring row upon row of ground mounted solar panels, 5,376 in all –angled toward the sun and visible from U.S. Highway 501. The combined total capacity of these two solar plants is 1.9 megawatts.

With 5 energy producing manufacturing plants in Person County,  come check out the lakes and recreation in Person County, get “charged up” as we invite you to meet and talk in Person!

Author: Stuart Gilbert, Director, Person County Economic Development


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