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Southern hospitality is alive and well in the Research Triangle Region…

Lee Anne NanceIn the south, we like to have company. In fact, we are known for our hospitality. (What southerner doesn’t have a symbolic pineapple or magnolia in their home?) In the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, we combine our enthusiasm for having company with the great assets of the region to make visits to the Research Triangle Region enjoyable, informative and productive. In fact, we host delegations from all over the world – more than 100 groups each year. Groups come to our region to develop business, academic and government relationships; learn from our best practices; and see first-hand our universities, companies and tourist attractions. We recently asked some international visitors to reflect on their time in the Research Triangle Region. We brought our camera crew along for the conversation, so take a listen. And get ready! More company is on the way!

Author: Lee Anne Nance, Senior Vice President, Research Triangle Region


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