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The "Happiest Place on Earth"

Capital Area Workforce Development BoardDuring the middle of October, my family took a train to the “happiest place on earth,” Disney. We had many firsts during this trip, to include the visit itself. I could easily get caught up telling you about the rides, including the one I got a little too weak in the stomach after my seven year son demanded that we ride it three times in a row (the line was very short). Too, I could tell you how much we all enjoyed the shows and characters, including the princesses that my four year old daughter could not see enough. What I will tell you is this….
Corporations, education institutions, government, and non-profit organizations should all have or develop a customer service philosophy that is universal throughout the organization.  I have never seen customer service more ingrained throughout an organization than I did at Disney. In fact, customer service at this highest level is a primary reason I want to do business (vacation) at Disney in the future. Unbeknownst to my children, I have no doubt customer service plays a significant role for why they have repeatedly asked, “When are we going back”?  
In workforce development, we consistently hear that poor soft skills are at the heart of disgruntlement and angst. We all seemingly understand this as it provokes heartburn to this day. Our pace of life and cultural priorities sometime interfere with our taking time and valuing the time to get our customer service right. I would challenge every organization, big or small, for-profit or not, to give their organization a customer service check-up.
The “happiest place on earth” - only as good as their customer service.    
Author: Stephen Barrington, Director of Business Services, Capital Area Workforce Development Board


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    Hear Hear! Well said and Disney is a wonderful example.

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