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This Blog's For You!

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With apologies to the King of Beers, I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our new blog. Starting today the Research Triangle Regional Partnership will be bring you a wide range of stories from across our 13-county region. From urban to rural, serious to silly, and across all kinds of industries and topics, our goal will be to engage you with relevant and useful information.

Since this is really meant to be a communication tool, and because the best way to communicate is on a two-way street, we want your input. Tell us what kinds of things interest you, and assuming we can add some value, we’ll do our best to write about them. And when we post our stories, we hope you will feel free to comment on them; even if that means correcting us or adding another perspective to the story. From a big picture  perspective and over the long term, all of our posts and all of your feedback will create an even better resource for visitors to this site.

We’ll do our best to be patient. But seriously—This blog’s for you. So tell us what you want to hear!

Author: Bo Carson, Vice President, Information Services, Research Triangle Region


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