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"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..."

Lee Anne Nance“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

Those of you who receive e-mails from me know that I frame my e-mails with ever-changing lyrics – usually classic vinyl – sometimes the words of a new artist that I heard on Spectrum. This habit is the product of 1) an intense love for rock and roll,2) the truly wonderful invention of satellite radio, and 3) a whole lot of time in the car.

The lyrics I choose may seem all over the board, but they are never randomly chosen. They are always relevant to me – or to someone I know. The signature line in my e-mail is my own personal “free expression tunnel.” (Check out the real tunnel if you are ever wandering around the campus of North Carolina State University).

The song that frames my blog today (and the song that is playing in my head) is not a rock-and-roll song, but it is relevant – to me and to a lot of people, some I know, some I don’t. I heard this song last weekend when I went to see “The Trouble with the Curve” (a great film, by the way).

I heard this song loud and clear as I was driving to Henderson, North Carolina this week. I was making my way to Vance County on a beautiful North Carolina morning to celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing facility for Semprius Inc., an innovator in high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar modules.

Semprius is headquartered in Durham and has expanded to Henderson, where it will hire 250 people to produce the world’s highest-efficiency solar modules. These modules are the first to convert more than one-third of the sun’s energy into electricity. This performance, coupled with industry-standard, low-cost microelectronics manufacturing techniques, will redefine the path to cost-competitive, sustainable generation of solar electricity. 

Take two minutes to watch a video, titled “Energy Innovations,” we made last week to introduce you to this world-changing technology (seriously, MIT said it was world changing!) and introduces you toSemprius’ very nice CEO, Joe Carr.  If you watch this video, you’ll also get to meet Dr. Ewan Pritchard, another very nice man, and learn about the world-changing work going on at North Carolina State’s FREEDM Center (seriously, MIT said it was world changing, too!).

So, I left my house where I was watching the morning news, which was full of reports about economic turmoil, divisive politics and bantering about uncertain times, and made my way to Semprius, where I participated in a celebration of energy innovation, manufacturing job creation and rural prosperity. The event was sizzling with the excitement that comes from invention meeting consumer demand in the form of manufacturing a product that will create jobs and economic opportunity for individuals and change the world’s ability to convert the sun’s energy into electricity all at the same time.

It was a sunny day indeed. And that makes me happy, even when skies are gray.

Author: Lee Anne Nance, Senior Vice President, Research Triangle Region


  1. Jeff Denny's avatar
    Jeff Denny
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    As someone who receives a number of emails from Lee Anne, I can tell you I always watch for the lyrics. It's really a lot of fun. And congrats on building the relationship between a meaningful song and a big time economic development project for the region!
  2. Ronnie Goswick's avatar
    Ronnie Goswick
    | Permalink
    Great job with your first blog.
  3. Lee Anne's avatar
    Lee Anne
    | Permalink
    Thanks, Ronnie!!! Better watch next one may be about you!
  4. Linda Britt's avatar
    Linda Britt
    | Permalink
    Love the Blog!
  5. Lee Anne's avatar
    Lee Anne
    | Permalink
    Thanks, Linda. Keep selling properties and generating transactions in our region. We appreciate what you do for the talented folks who are relocating to the Research Triangle Region.
  6. James Sauls's avatar
    James Sauls
    | Permalink
    Lyrics often express passion and that is a direct reflection of Lee Anne's passion for our Region and State!
  7. Lee Anne's avatar
    Lee Anne
    | Permalink
    Thanks, James. Back at ya.
  8. Mike Grice's avatar
    Mike Grice
    | Permalink
    Next time you are on Centennial Campus drop in and visit us. We are in the same building as the FREEDM Center, and recently located our Product Development Center of our California-based company here in Raleigh!
  9. Sandra Simpson's avatar
    Sandra Simpson
    | Permalink
    Henderson is where I grew up and I know people that still live there want to want to work. I also love rock and roll music. This is an imaginative and heartfelt blog.

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