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Debbie Lilly, CEcD

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Revolutionizing health care - locally as well as globally.

It starts with research and development in our public and private research laboratories. Their findings support advances in medical care and delivery - not just through new drugs and therapies, but also via improvements in medical devices, testing, and the information technology connecting it all.

World-class healthcare centers - private or university-based - then apply these discoveries to treat and educate patients, medical professionals and the public. That treatment extends to providing specialized medical care to people from all over the US, actually, at our top-ranked hospitals such as Duke University Medical Center. It was ranked No. 10 in the nation in US News' "Best Hospitals 2011-2012" report, and North Carolina Children's Hospital at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is consistently ranked among the best in the nation.

Meanwhile our healthy entrepreneurial culture, aided by an equally healthy network of support services and funding, helps take the latest learning from the lab to the patient. Healthcare companies know that medical jobs - and medical breakthroughs - are the result. Our innovation-friendly culture has the added benefit of nurturing the local community of scientists, physicians, engineers and visionaries.

And throughout this process, supply chains and service providers create the critical infrastructure fostering continued success in the advanced medical care cluster, at biomedical technology companies as well as in the pharmaceutical, health care services and information technology industries.

It's a strong system that's getting healthier every day. How fitting.