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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Robots, viral cures and 3-D printing! Oh my!

Take two of the world’s top university teaching and research hospitals (Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill), scores of medical and specialty centers, and a region teaming with industry-leading physicians, biomedical scientists, engineers and visionaries and you’ve got a prescription for advances that are changing the face of medical care.

The region that brought you 3D ultrasound and the first FDA-approved brain stem cochlear implant pushes the envelope on new devices, therapies and procedures that are transforming patient health.

We’ve got strong R&D competencies in therapeutics development, genomics/proteomics, gene therapy, medical devices, medical diagnostics, sensors, informatics, information technology and communications.

Companies working in those areas find opportunity and support for innovating along the entire advanced medical care value chain, from discovery to delivery.

You’ll find TransEnterix, the company that revolutionized laparoscopic surgery with its robotic SPIDER® Surgical System already developing the next-generation SurgiBot to improve it.

UNC’s DeSimone Research Group, inventor of PRINT® nano-molding technique, now offers a 3D printing alternative to additive manufacturing processes that produces parts in minutes instead of hours.

Physicians at Duke University’s The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center infect and kill brain tumors with polio virus, achieving results that suggest a cure.

Medical advances are serious business in the Research Triangle Region, and our businesses are getting better all the time. Yours can, too.

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