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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Fertile ground for growing innovation

A rich, abundant farming economy lured the first agricultural biotechnology companies to our region decades ago. Today, it’s our globally recognized agricultural biotechnology cluster that attracts them and helps them grow.

It starts with a literal Who’s Who of ag bio companies: four of six world leaders in plant ag biotech – BASF Plant Science, Bayer CropScience, Monsanto and Syngenta – operate here; three – BASF, Bayer and Syngenta – with global or North American headquarters. The region is also home to Novozymes' North American headquarters that operates the USA’s largest multi-purpose enzyme manufacturing facility.

Our 50 other ag bio companies leverage the region’s unique mix of cross-over technologies to develop products, services and processes that are transforming medicine, agriculture, manufacturing and the environment.

They produce food, veterinary products, industrial enzymes and biofuels for a growing international marketplace and products that make crops more resistant to drought, disease and insects (reducing the need for pesticides and water!) and increase yield.

They develop plant solutions for problems of all kinds. Edison Agrosciences is developing natural rubber in sunflowers to meet the world’s projected rubber shortfall, expected by 2020. Agile Sciences is using a substance it discovered in sea sponges to develop a treatment for the citrus canker that plagues Florida’s orange industry.

A steady stream of discoveries by industry and university researchers support innovations like these, while hundreds of support organizations nurture the process of tech transfer and support industry growth.

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