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Creating a healthier future - from the ground up.

One of the largest agricultural research programs in the country. Four of the largest agribusiness companies in the world. All bolstered by a strong regional economy with a bumper crop of agricultural biotechnology jobs. These factors and more are what puts the Research Triangle Region's agricultural biotechnology cluster among the most respected in the nation.

Improved yields, new products and new applications result from the area's extensive research programs - not just at our research universities and colleges, but within our local companies - in genomics, bioinformatics and genetic engineering technology, as well as biology, botany, chemistry, genetics, medicine and engineering. These are the new breakthroughs that are helping turn agricultural products into pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biomaterials and enzymes.

And once those new iterations are solidified, they rapidly become products, services and even companies, thanks to our flourishing entrepreneurial community and solid business support. Top agribusiness companies understand how fertile this environment is - our list of local organizations reads like an agribusiness directory.

For one great example of our leadership in agribusiness, look no further than the ambitious initiative to convert 10 percent of the state's liquid fuels to biofuels by 2017. This bold endeavor is attracting the companies at the forefront of this global revolution, as a new North Carolina Biotechnology Center's Agricultural Biotechnology Advisory Council connects farmers, crop specialists, corporate executives, researchers, economic development experts and policy professionals to support continued innovation and growth in the cluster.

A smarter approach on all levels. From a place that has always known how to make things grow.