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More expertise than you can shake a potentiometric titrator at.

They carry names only a scientist could love: mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs, ion analyzers, fluorimeters.

But analytical instruments such as these test substances that affect our lives every day - from drinking water to drugs, pesticides to clean fuels.

Scientists working across our region, in university, corporate and federal research labs, are leaders in developing specialized machines that analyze massive amounts of data simultaneously. This analytical instrumentation enables and speeds the process of research and discovery that yields new products of all kinds, particularly in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, optics, photonics and informatics.

Every new analytical instrument offers the potential to revolutionize many other growing industries, as well, from civil and environmental engineering to nanotechnology and security.

So if you're an analytical chemistry entrepreneur, a manufacturer in need of a revolutionary new product, a visionary inventor with a passion to fight disease, or just really, really into gas chromatography, look no further than the Research Triangle Region and its analytical instrumentation cluster. Chances are, we've got precisely what you're looking for.