Analytical Instrumentation

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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Next-generation tools for next-generation advances

Cutting-edge products for the nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and other high-tech industries require sophisticated tools to see, measure and analyze the chemistry of materials – even reshape them on the scale of a few atoms.

Companies in our region find vast opportunity servicing and supplying these industries as well as developing new instruments that leverage our particular expertise in optics, photonics, combinatorial methods and informatics.

Pace Analytical provides environmental testing services. PCI offers calibration services for the life sciences companies. Triangle Analytical Inc. installs and services spectrometers and magnets of all kinds for corporate, university and government research centers.

Each of our five major universities – Campbell, Duke, N.C. Central, N.C. State and the UNC-Chapel Hill – advances the science of analytical instrumentation through research centers and state-of-the art facilities.

Each offers companies shared access to costly instruments, research services and expertise. You’ll find labs for testing soft matter, fabricating micro and nanomaterials, conducting biomolecular research, synthesizing small molecule materials and analyzing biologic and geologic materials.

With precisely the right opportunities and resources to advance your company through our Analytical Instrumentation cluster, connect with us today.