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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

The intelligent choice for energy, transportation and water

Our region’s 350 cleantech firms come in all shapes and sizes. They are Fortune 500, headquarters, mid-size and startups. Combined, they’re leading a global revolution in grid modernization, transportation, water and sustainable energy.

The reason? A unique blend of hardware and software that offers just the right combination of technologies for propelling advances in intelligent energy generation, distribution, management and consumer services as well as cross-over areas of smart transportation and smart water.

We’re home to the biggest names in smart grid – ABB, Schneider Electric, Sensus, Siemens – as well as information technology and data analytics leaders – Cisco, EMC, IBM, SAS – that make intelligent systems possible.

Our companies find plentiful fuel for innovation in the expansive number of specialty centers focused on cleantech R&D – four smart energy research centers, four electric vehicle research centers, 17 water research and policy centers and 16 entrepreneurial support organizations.

Cree continues to develop and transform the consumer lighting industry by creating the first $10 LED bulb; while also producing the rapid capabilities to manufacture an entire line of consumer LED bulbs. No wonder they were named the Most Innovative Company in Energy by Fast Company for its High Quality LED Lighting Technology.

The N.C. State University's FREEDM Systems Center is becoming the "internet for energy", transforming the nation's electric power grid into a smart grid that will easily store and distribute renewable energy produced from solar panels, wind farms, and other energy sources.

High-profile demonstration sites offer companies the opportunity to test and showcase their innovations. Chatham Park, a 7,000-plus-acre live-work-and-play community in a rural part of our region is under development as a global smart city model, using technologies, products and services developed right here.

Engineer entrepreneurs are laying test tracks at N.C. State’s Centennial Campus research and business park for tiny, self-driving vehicles that run on elevated monorail-type lines and may just revolutionize transportation.

The Town of Cary is quickly gaining acclaim for its SAS-and-Sensus technology-enabled water system that remotely monitors residents’ water usage and sends text alerts when usage spikes.

The International Cleantech Network recognized our strengths in this sector when it invited our region to join its elite membership ranks, giving our companies access to a global network of cleantech innovators.

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