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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Advancing the front lines to fight terrorism and wage 21st-century warfare

Terrorism and technology have changed the face of defense, homeland security and war.

Companies in our region are on the front lines of that change, leveraging advances developed in many of our clusters to help the U.S. military combat terrorism and protect the nation from 21st-century threats.

Vadum is developing radar technologies that display images of enemy aircraft and missiles, not just blips, or detect explosive devices underground. PredictifyMe is using developing predictive analytics to stop terrorist attacks and school shootings before they start. Viamet Pharmaceuticals is studying how its topical antifungal can treat mold infections in battlefield wounds.

Supporting the work of companies like this are key military installations and organizations that place our companies in direct contact with decision-makers who can fund R&D or buy their products and services.

Our state is home to the third-largest military population in the United States with a growing number of strategically important installations in every branch of service. Nearby Fort Bragg is the largest Army installation in the world, and is home to more general officers than anyplace outside the Pentagon

These military installations offer not only access to military business opportunity but also a steady stream of skilled, knowledgeable military retirees and former service people who provide expertise and a workforce for our companies.

Make the strategic choice. Join forces with our strong and growing Defense Technologies cluster.