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Lee Anne Nance

Executive Vice President
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Strategic Access to Defense Opportunity.

You might have known that North Carolina boasts a considerable military presence (fourth-largest in the nation, actually), with seven military installations and 14 U.S. Coast Guard facilities.

In fact, Fort Bragg holds the honor of the largest U.S. Army installation in the world, and is home to more general officers than anyplace outside the Pentagon thanks to the relocation of U.S. Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserve Command. Pope Air Force Base, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point are all just a short drive away.

But it's this close proximity to one of the largest concentrations of military installations and decision-makers in the nation - coupled with a vibrant, supportive defense technology community - that offers such strategic access and operational advantage for companies here that service and supply the military.

New advances, developed in our biological agents and infectious diseases, pervasive computing, clean technology, and interactive gaming and e-learning clusters, spawn defense technologies and innovations that are helping the U.S. military combat terrorism and secure the nation from 21st-century threats.

A team led by global risk management firm IEM is designing defensive systems for the U.S. Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. Saab Barracuda makes advanced camouflage products that protect troops, camps and vehicles from any detection. 3 Phoenix and Carl Zeiss Optronics USA are collaborating to make highly specialized optical devices for submarine periscopes. In addition from deployment planning to battlefield management, CC Intelligent Solutions works closely with a variety of Defense and National Security agencies to develop high quality, reliable software solutions.

Our focused research centers support innovations like these in defense systems and homeland security. The Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, for instance, funds research and programs that advance our understanding of terrorism and how to best combat it. The Center of Excellence in Logistics and Technology teaches military logisticians to use the latest technologies to manage defense operations on a global scale.

For further support, special business support organizations, such as the N.C. Defense Business Association, N.C. Military Business Center and N.C. Military Foundation, provide focused business development and networking that helps this cluster grow.

And, of course, the army of former military retirees and service people who remain in our region after retiring or leaving military service provide a wealth of knowledge and specialized skills that local defense employers find invaluable.

When it comes to defense technology and the means to make good use of it, we're covered on all fronts.