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The technology to know what you don't know. (And how to find it out.)

Gaining a competitive advantage in the knowledge economy is simple. Your organization just has to effectively manage, analyze and transform data into information, then use that information system to drive focused innovation and visionary decision-making. Piece of cake, right?

Perhaps not, which is why the Research Triangle Region informatics cluster features thousands of companies, researchers and organizations focused on delivering information technology hardware, software and services to help in the task. After all, we are home to America's "most wired city" and the world leader in open source computing (Red Hat, of course).

Those aren't the only stars in the local information technology constellation, either. Business analytics software made by SAS helps organizations around the world translate data on customers, performance, financials and more into market intelligence that guides business development, strategy and operations.

Knowledge Vector technology combines sensors, surveillance cameras and an intelligent software interface that can recognize, understand and alert companies of crisis events as they occur, then recommend and even manage their responses.

Geomagic's ground-breaking 3D imaging software converts any physical object into a model, speeding design and manufacture of everything from aircraft components to replacement parts for Jay Leno's vintage cars.

MCNC's North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) is building the next-generation Internet across North Carolina, connecting rural communities to the global economy.

Everywhere you look, Research Triangle Region informatics organizations are helping their customers know more and guess less.