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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

We take gaming seriously.

Our reputation as a major U.S. hub for serious gaming continues to flourish as more and more companies join the fold and gaming talent descends on our region.

We’re home to 40 companies that develop and publish games, and we’re the U.S. hub for game engine development, headquarters for Epic, Vicious Cycle and Gamebryo. 

Our annual East Coast Game Conference is a must-attend meet-up for market leaders, starting developers and everyone in-between to engage, connect and vision the future of the industry.

Universities and colleges support the industry with degree programs and research in simulation, game design and related technologies. Princeton Review ranks N.C. State among the top undergraduate programs for game development.

Immersive technologies developed at our companies and regional universities play a growing role in tackling serious challenges in virtually every industry, from healthcare to defense.

Researchers at Duke University’s Immersive Virtual Environment, the Southeast's only fully enclosed, six-sided, virtual reality environment, teach teams of volunteers to rescue miners in hazardous environments, give medical students an upfront and personal tour of the brain and allow psychiatry scholars to study what stresses out humans in a safe, simulated environment.

Defense-contractor IEM uses gaming technologies to train soldiers for the uncertainties of counterinsurgency and develop more accurate chemical dispersion models for counteracting the effects of a WMD.

And don’t forget the fun stuff. David Smith, the video game entrepreneur who co-founded the Tom Clancy-focused studio, Red Storm Entertainment, is building his new startup, Wearality, here, developing 3D glasses for your smart phone in a move he hopes will “save the world from 2D.”

If you’re serious about gaming – and we know you are – connect to find out how to make our reality yours through our Interactive Gaming and E-learning cluster.