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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

Very small things turn into big and powerful ones here.

Long one of the top U.S. regions for nanotechnology innovation, researchers at our more than two dozen university research centers and scores of private companies push nanotechnology knowledge in ways that are transforming every industry.

Researchers working at the nanoscale level develop materials, systems and processes that harness clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic devices; promote safety and security, like thermal clothing that protects firefighters from fire; and help drugs hit their mark through improved delivery, absorption and distribution in the body and reduced toxicity.

Our region’s extensive nano expertise provides competitive advantage for our companies, particularly those working in our biotechnology, advanced medical care, pharmaceuticals, cleantech and computing clusters.

RTI International’s award-winning nanofiber lighting technology, for instance, helps the lighting industry save substantial costs while producing aesthetically pleasing light. N.C. State scientists’ techniques for creating extremely lightweight materials from carbon can be used to build aircraft and vehicles that require far less fuel.

Many of our companies are using licensed technologies developed in our universities to spawn whole new industries.

Xintek is using nanotechnologies developed by Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill to produce a 3D X-ray machine for dentists that detects cavities far better than traditional X-rays. Nano Vector uses a drug delivery system developed a N.C. State to create a highly targeted chemotherapy for late-stage cancer that protects healthy cells and reduces side effects.

Our expertise in tiny can help your ideas and company grow large. Connect to find out how to connect with our Nanoscale Technologies cluster.