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What communication networks dream of being when they grow up.

What is pervasive computing? Nothing less than on-demand access to information from anywhere at any time - changing the way information is gathered, stored and shared.

Creating pervasive computing networks isn't easy, though. It involves integrating wireless technologies and optical communications, along with computational hardware and software. Fortunately, these are all strong suits of Research Triangle Region companies and research.

Driving the pervasive systems sector are the latest generation of electronic devices - sensors, wearables and handhelds, many of them made right here - that can access these new pervasive computing networks to allow people to communicate, retrieve and exchange data (including video) and remotely monitor everything from their home security system to their DVR. Network technology (and communication technology) improves every day.

Snapdragon, the computer chip being used to power Google's new smartphone, was born in our region. Qualcomm, the world's largest maker of chips for mobile phones, Garmin, developer of GPS Systems, and Research in Motion, maker of Blackberry, and HTC, all operate facilities here.

The only company that develops English lessons in the mobile-phone format, Urban Planet Mobile, is local. It's also a leader in education and information products of this type.

In addition, we're also a nerve center for cloud computing. Cisco, EMC, Fidelity, IBM, NetApp, SAS and others operate major facilities that offer this revolutionary information management technology and service to customers around the world.

It's worth noting that pervasive computing will also soon allow customers to wirelessly control applications/products, with obvious benefits for the smart grid of the future. And since our region is such a hotbed of pervasive computing, local smart grid companies are flourishing - cementing our status as one of the top regions in the world.

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