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Vivian Powell

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Connecting our world through the Internet of Things

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group predicts there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. Already, this new era of technology-enabled products, services and processes is transforming the way we live, work and play.

Not surprisingly, the region that created cloud computing (at N.C. State University) has fast become a leader in the Internet of Things revolution.

Intelligent hospital refrigerators developed by Phononic combine novel heating and cooling technology with sensors and wireless technology to cool and monitor precious lab samples, trigger emergency power if there’s a blackout, and text hospital staff before any sample is compromised.

LED lighting leader Cree Inc.’s new Zigbee LED light bulbs can be controlled by a smart phone from anywhere in the world, and the company’s new line of smart commercial products use sensor technology to turn different lights in different rooms on, off or dim based on what is happening in each space.

You’ll find all of the ingredients you need to capitalize on pervasive computing’s next developmental leap.

Wireless and sensor technology leaders connect people and things, Big Data and analytics leaders gather and make sense of the trillions of interactions between them, and a mother lode of cloud computing capacity works 24x7 behind the scenes to process and deliver those intelligent interactions to you in real time, wherever you are.

The NC Regional Internet of Things (NC RIoT) represents a network of engineers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and professional tinkerers that constantly meet with a stake in the Internet of Everything industry.

The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina is a wireless research hub that provides a unique combination of specialized testing facilities and engineering expertise for invention and development of wireless technologies.

In addition, we're also a nerve center for cloud computing. Cisco, EMC, Fidelity, IBM, NetApp, SAS and others operate major facilities that offer this revolutionary information management technology and service to customers around the world.

We’re connected to the future. You can be, too.