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Improving patient wellness is a healthy business indeed.

Welcome to the most important research and technology-intensive industry in the Research Triangle Region. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical R&D are a mainstay here, and nearly every major brand name pharmaceutical company - from GlaxoSmithKline, to Merck, to Pfizer - operates a major facility in the area.

It's probably because we offer support and services for every phase of the pharmaceutical development life cycle. University life sciences programs and corporate research organizations produce discoveries that are transferred to emerging or existing companies, resulting in new therapies and R&D tools. Local research universities, medical schools and nonprofits provide research services and preclinical and clinical trials to help companies, large and small, develop new drugs.

Those drugs move to market - in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations - with the help of the nation's largest concentration of contract research organizations. These groups provide complete research, testing, development, preclinical trials, clinical research trials and services, paving the way for corporate and contract pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing plants to manufacture new drugs and treatments for companies and consumers worldwide.

There aren't many places with this kind of critical mass in the world, let alone the country. That distinction hasn't gone unnoticed by the National Institutes of Health, either. They provide substantial grant funds each year.

That trend is set to continue, as aging baby boomers and the public's desire for quality health care goes on expanding the need for new discoveries, new drugs and advanced treatments. And if you had to guess where all those advances will come from, you wouldn't have to look far.