Chinese Delegation Visits N.C. China Center

The N.C. China Center, housed at Longistic’s headquarters building in The Research Triangle Park , hosted a delegation of four Chinese business officials at its offices March 3.

Distinguished guests Xu Qihua, deputy general manager for Suzhou Zhongming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.; Li Zhen, legal contact for Suzhou Zichen Lighting Design Co., Ltd.; Niu Jian, general manager for Jiangsu Tianji Lighting Engineering Co. Ltd.; and Wang Gang, general manager for Shanghia Grand Light Co., Ltd. toured the center.

The four visited several other North Carolina businesses and universities, including Longistics, which has promoted international trade with China through the launch of the Suzhou Industrial Park International Commodities Exhibition Center, and Cree, where they learned about advanced lighting and design projects.

The delegation came under the leadership of Weizhong Zhang, director of the Center's office in Suzhou, China.