EPI Recycling Solutions Expands Operation and Completes $1 Million Investment

June 21, 2012

Sanford, N.C.EPI Recycling Solutions LLC is expanding its operation in Sanford by adding a cutting-edge recycling line that handles nearly any form of plastic. The installation will complete a $1 million capital investment in North Carolina and allow EPI to recycle more than 14 million pounds of plastic each year.

At the center of the expansion is the S:GRAN recycling machine produced by NGR, a world leader in recycling equipment that is based in Austria with technical and sales support in Atlanta. Using the latest technology, the machine allows recycling of multiple types of plastic in almost any form and is designed to provide cost-effective options for industry, retail, hospitals and other businesses.

"We are excited to add the NGR equipment to our offering of services and see this is as a long-term investment in North Carolina," says Kurt Duska, president of EPI. "We believe that coupling the latest design in recycling equipment with our creative recycling concepts will allow companies to convert waste-plastic cost to revenue and improve their environmental position.

"Our idea is simple: If it isn't profitable, it isn't sustainable."

Duska also is president of Engineered Plastic LLC, a plastic recycler and molder based in Erie, Pa. His specialty is developing, implementing and managing sustainability programs in post-industrial applications.

EPI is a founding member of the Healthcare Plastic Recycling Council, a coalition of recyclers looking for sustainable and cost-effective options, which works closely with state and nonprofit organizations to improve recycling rates and lower waste cost.

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