Get Smart on the Smart Grid

The Research Triangle area is getting attention as a hub of innovation for the Smart Grid.  Some facts:

  • Nearly 60 companies in the Triangle are working in various aspects of the Smart Grid Industry.
  • Twenty of those companies are headquartered in the region.
  • From software to sensors and routers, the area is teeming with innovations that will be central to the smart grid transformation.

I know some of you are asking: “The smart what?  Smart phone? Smart boards?” No, the smart grid.

Utilities are rolling out smart meters on homes and businesses that give more insight into energy consumption and also give customers better control over energy costs.  These meters spit out data all day long.  So do the new sensors on the transmission lines that can detect changes in voltage before an outage.

What the utilities plan to do with that data is the subject of an upcoming two day Networked Grid conference here in the Triangle.  Undoubtedly, the data is bigger than these utilities have ever collected before.  Plus, the business environment is increasingly complex.  Antiquated power distribution systems, pressure to integrate renewable resources, and global fuel price volatility have all increased the financial and operational risk of this industry – and it’s an industry whose products we as energy consumers rely on every day.

It is an industry in the midst of transformation.  There are plenty of lessons to be learned from other industries but also from energy peers around the world. At the conference, I’ll be sharing my insights on “Big Data and Analytics.”

If you’re attending, you’ll see why the Triangle region is the place to be for Smart Grid.