Joint Statement on Innovation in the American South

Raleigh, N.C. -- Gov. Bev Perdue, outgoing chair of the Southern Governors' Association, and Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno, incoming chair, issued the following statement in Asheville today at the conclusion of the SGA's annual conference:

“The American South is the best region in America to do business and we must continue that momentum by increasing our commitment to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the last three days, governors in the American South have learned of opportunities and challenges in medical and energy innovation, technology transfer, workforce development and developing the next generation of innovators. We will continue to collaborate as states to identify ways to make our partnerships more effective and we will work with our federal partners on solutions that make sense for our economic future. The end game is a bipartisan one, to improve our ability to create jobs and enhance our economic growth."

Bev Perdue
Governor of North Carolina
Former Chairman, 2011
Southern Governors' Association

Luis Fortuno
Governor of Puerto Rico
Chairman, 2012
Southern Governors' Association