Portal Idea Navigation Opens to Help Entrepreneurs, Makes a Splash with its Own Innovate Brand

SANFORD, N.C. - Portal Idea Navigation, a new company created to help entrepreneurs take innovative ideas to the market, has opened with a splash - by moving some of its own concepts into production under the Innovate brand.

Based in the Research Triangle Region, Portal Idea Navigation was the brainchild of company vice president Robert Jones, a former manufacturing executive who also served as a consultant with several Fortune 500 companies.

The company began after Jones and colleagues kept meeting people who had interesting ideas, but didn't know how to make their concepts a commercial success. He assembled a five-member team offering more than 150 years of combined manufacturing experience to clients - including expertise in product development, design, production and management.

Portal Idea Navigation is focused on helping anyone who has an innovative idea - whether it's someone with a creative concept or a corporate engineer needing a little help - and it's no fly-by-night operation.

"Our goal is simple - to help innovative people with great ideas," says Jones. "We listen carefully and we'll tell you the truth. If it's an idea we think has some merit, we'll talk about how we can help make it happen."

Jones and his team understand the reservations some people have about sharing their ideas. He's seen some of those late-night infomercials and slick promises made by people who may not have others' best interest at heart.

"That's one of the reasons we started Portal Idea Navigation," he explains. "There are some great ideas out there, but people don't know who they can trust. We've been involved in the local manufacturing community for decades. We live and work here, and we're an active part of our local community. Our reputation is important to us."

The company may be just a few weeks old, but Portal Idea Navigation is already introducing its own full-fledged brand into the marketplace.

Innovate, a line of products to help people with disabilities enjoy greater independence, has been launched with four initial items and more on the way.

When Portal Idea Navigation attends its first trade show next month, therapists and medical professionals will be able to see The Wheel Deal, an innovative storage bag that attaches to the wheel of manual wheelchairs to provide easy access, and a lap tray designed to be stored quickly in the bag.

Also, The Shoe In, a lightweight device allowing people with limited mobility to put their shoes and socks on independently, and a family of stylish personal storage gear. Available in several sizes, all storage items offer a number of pockets and storage spaces and attach quickly and easily to a wheelchair.

All products were designed and tested in close consultation with clients at LCI Inc. in Sanford, a nonprofit community rehabilitation center. Jones says that type of collaboration is what his company does best - and what gives new products the best chance for success.

With more entrepreneurs entering the market and not knowing where to turn for help, Jones believes Portal Idea Navigation has arrived at just the right time. The competitive economy creates opportunity, he says, but people need to know how to take advantage of it.

Portal Idea Navigation LLC, based in North Carolina's famed Research Triangle Region, helps entrepreneurs of all kinds take innovative ideas to market. Its management team - which offers more than 150 years of manufacturing and consulting experience - evaluates ideas and helps entrepreneurs create realistic plans for product development, design, production and management. The company also manufactures, under the Innovate brand, its own line of products designed to help people with disabilities enjoy greater independence and a better life.

Robert Jones
Vice President and General Manager
Portal Idea Navigation
800.737.3790 (phone)