RTP Leaders Launch 'Perception' Study to Help Shape Future

Research Triangle Park, N.C. — How often has it been said that perceptions shape reality? 

In the case of the entire Research Triangle Park region, leaders from several different groups are trying to assess attitudes about what this area IS in the minds of its leaders and others as part of shaping new plans for the future.

As many people with an appreciation of RTP's rich history from humble beginnings to a world-class presence today mourn the passing of a key Park founder, George Simpson, several organizations have expanded a new Research Triangle Region "Perception Study" another phase - seeking public attitudes and views.

"We are very excited about this project and its impact on the region," says Lee Anne Nance, senior vice president of the Research Triangle Regional Partnership, who is heading up the project.

"The Research Triangle Regional Partnership is tasked with fostering economic growth and regional collaboration in the 13 counties surrounding the Research Triangle Park. Over the last few decades this region has become an engine for our state’s development — our job is to make sure that engine keeps running for decades to come.

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