Triangle Air Awareness Business Coalition Offers Education Services for Regional Companies

Research Triangle Region, N.C. – Good air quality is good for businesses, providing a quality of place that helps attract and retain companies and talent and protect the health of workers and others residents. Poor air quality inhibits business and economic growth.

Triangle Air Awareness’ Business Coalition helps Research Triangle Region companies take actions that improve the region’s air quality, from free education and materials to support services.

Membership in the Coalition is free and open to any business, government agency or other organization in the 13-county Research Triangle Region. The program provides designated Coalition liaisons that provide leadership to educate and mobilize employees to reduce their contribution to air pollution and protect their health during air quality alert days.

“There are measures businesses can take to protect their employees’ health, lower the amount of air pollutants they emit and, ultimately, protect their bottom lines,” says Triangle Air Awareness program coordinator Elaine Loyack. Triangle Air Awareness representatives can work with individual businesses to design programs specifically for their employees and environment.

Among the recommendations Triangle Air Awareness makes to its Coalition members are to:

  • Allow employees to telework, especially on Ozone Action Days, when air pollution levels are unhealthy.
  • Encourage employees to use alternative transportation to get to work, such as car- or van-pooling, biking or mass transit. Some companies incentivize employees by offering premium parking to carpoolers or subsidies for mass transit passes.
  • Negotiate with food service vendors at on-site cafeterias to offer discounts to employees on Ozone Action Days to make it easy for them to avoid driving, which would add to the elevated pollution levels.

“Maintaining healthy air and a healthy economy helps us all breathe easier,” Loyack says. “Creating a healthy environment means creating a place where businesses want to be and that’s the bottom line.”

Triangle Air Awareness’s Web site contains resources and activities for regional residents to learn about and access information on ways to reduce air pollution. For more information or to arrange a company program, contact Loyack at or (919) 715-7647 or visit