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Vivian Powell

Operations Manager

May 2012 Newsletter

Top Story

Research Triangle Region employment grows in 2011 after two-year decline

Research Triangle Region employment grew by 15,596 in 2011 following two years of decline, while other economic indicators pointed to recovery, RTRP President and CEO Charles A. Hayes told 900 business and community leaders at the 2012 State of the Research Triangle Region event co-hosted by RTRP and Wells Fargo.

April 2012 Newsletter

Research Triangle Region attracts international attention and investment

Pioneering, innovative business-development strategies and a vibrant, innovation-based economy are attracting both international attention and investment to the Research Triangle Region. International companies announced $560 million in new investment and 2,600 new jobs during 2010-2011, representing 20 percent of all new investment and one in five new jobs announced during the two-year period.

March 2012 Newsletter

Top Story

R&D plus manufacturing spells bottom-line benefit for regional companies

The Research Triangle Region of North Carolina is known worldwide for its knowledge-based economy that drives innovation and profits for some of the world's most successful companies. Lesser known but equally powerful is the region's strong manufacturing sector, which represents nearly one in 10 of all jobs in the region. Companies that choose to locate both R&D and manufacturing in the region find significant competitive advantage doing so.

February 2012 Newsletter

Top Story

Region's vibrant entrepreneurial environment creates jobs and investment

The Research Triangle Region of North Carolina has long been known as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the birthplace of scores of home-grown success stories, many of which grew out of university discoveries.

January 2012 Newsletter

Innovation across clusters drives agricultural biotechnology growth

Rich, abundant agricultural lands and crops attracted the first agricultural biotechnology companies to the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina decades ago to serve farmers and develop better ways to grow crops. Today, the region's now-nationally renowned agricultural biotechnology cluster is catalyzing a new generation of companies and industries through cross-over technologies and interaction that are transforming medicine, manufacturing and the environment.