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Anna Penner

Senior Director, Business Development
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(Also known as Smartsville, USA)

The Triangle has always been about finding out. And figuring out.

The Research Triangle Park, a 7,000-acre development, is home to more than 170 companies, including everything from Fortune 100 multinational R&D operations to freshly hatched university spin-outs.

It's also the economic driver for the whole region, home to some 38,000 full-time knowledge workers and a model for innovation, education and economic development that has been studied and applied around the world.

We've got Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners. Recipients of the U.S. Presidential Award. And the National Science Foundation Award. The UPC (Universal Product Code) and 3D ultrasound technology were both pioneered right here. The achievements go on.

There are hundreds of research parks operating in the United States, but none have been doing it as long as we have. And we remain one of the largest, most successfully growing parks you'll find anywhere in the world.

Here in the Triangle, you see, ingenious thinking isn't just celebrated - it's the foundation for an entire economy.

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