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Research Triangle Region

Which came first - the talented people or the inspiring place?

It's a conundrum. The Research Triangle Region in the booming Southeast U.S. has been called "Best for Business" and "Best Place to Live," and we're equally proud of both accolades. But is the continued success of our businesses a result of all our brilliant residents? Or is it the other way around?

Maybe it doesn't matter. Either way, you'll find a host of appealing qualities here:

  • Research, education and engagement by three of the nation's top research universities: Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Internationally recognized quality of life that helps us recruit and retain talent.
  • Diverse people - 2 million of them and growing - in thriving communities.
  • Boundless intellectual capacity and a passion for lifelong education - 44 percent of adults hold a college degree.
  • Extensive research and development - to the tune of $2 billion each year - conducted at regional universities, federal labs and contract research companies.
  • Pro-business climate with a competitive cost of doing business and living. In fact, Site Selection magazine has ranked us #1 for business climate 10 out of the past 13 years.
  • A variety of well-supported technology clusters, constantly developing the products, processes and services that will help define the future.
  • Focused workforce development to support the 1 million plus workers who call this region home.
  • Close collaboration between businesses, governments and academia, leading to a culture of innovation and creativity. #TripleHelix
  • And, of course, The Research Triangle Park. 7,000 acres, more than 175 companies, and 39,000 or so of the brainiest employees anywhere.

It's all connected, of course. The ample opportunities that attract the top talent are the same qualities attracting the organizations that hire that talent. And so on. Call it a endless cycle or a chicken-and-egg thing; we just know it works.

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