Bright Minds. Smart Growth. Brilliant Location.

The Research Triangle Region

The RTRP is your direct connection to some of the fastest growing companies and communities in the world.

Map of North Carolina in relation to the continental United States. A zoomed-in version of a North Carolina map shows the counties that make up the Research Triangle Region.

The Best Place To Do Business

With diverse businesses, highly skilled talent and low tax rates, it’s no wonder the Research Triangle Region is the first choice for growing businesses.

Big things are happening...

Wolfspeed picks Chatham County for new semiconductor plant,  $5 Billion Investment

$5B investment and
thousands of jobs.

7,500+ new jobs created

And it doesn't stop there...

Automaker VinFast to invest $4B in Chatham County assembly plant

Forbes' best state to do business

#1 three years running (2019, 2018, 2017)


Companies (700+ of which are international companies)

Home to companies across industries,

attracting talent from all over the world and forming the partnerships that fuel innovation.

The lowest corporate tax rate in the U.S.

2.5% corporate tax rate

A Place To Call Home

An affordable cost of living, vibrant culture and world-class universities are enticing to employers and employees all looking for the life they want to live.

Once you're here,
you want to stay.

65% of our graduates stay in the Triangle after graduation.

70% projected population growth by 2046.

It’s only getting better...

with over 17% job growth over the last 5 years.

And there are places to go...

Mountains or Beach?

The region’s affordable homes are a quick, 2-hour drive to both.

Fast Facts

Our regional population is over two million people.
Ranked 4th highest concentration of PhDs in the United States.
Our regional workforce is over one million (ages 18 to 64).
Over 113,000 degrees conferred each year.
64 people move in daily.
The median home price is $174,830.

Recent news

Triangle precision medicine, drug research firm Metabolon lands $25M in new capital

January 25, 2023
 Metabolon is gearing up to further drive its global mission in precision medicine and drug research through study of the metabolome with $25 million in new equity funding. The metabolome refers to the complete set of small-molecule chemicals found within a biological sample. Metabolon recently signed a testing agreement with Mayo Clinic. Metabolon studies more than genetics […]

Bayer launches new collaboration with Oerth Bio to further advance innovations in crop protection

January 21, 2023
Bayer and the agricultural biotech company Oerth Bio today announced a new collaboration seeking to develop the next generation of more sustainable crop protection products. The unique protein degradation technology used by Oerth Bio has the potential to generate products that support Bayer’s sustainability objective to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, via lower application rates and favorable safety profiles.