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County officials boast that Warren offers something more: A congestion-free environment conducive to productivity and morale. Whatever your project requires, Warren County has an ideal location at an affordable price.

Warren County Data

Warren County's population in the 2020 census was 18,642.
Warren County's estimated median age in 2018 was 48.
The average commute for workers is 28.3 minutes.
44.7% of residents also work in Warren County.
The estimated median family income in 2019 was $51,373.
The property tax rate per $100 value is 81 cents.
Census (2020, ACS 2015-19).

Noteworthy Characteristics

Businesses considering relocation can take advantage of custom-designed worker training from area community colleges and tier-one state income tax credit for job creation and investment.

The interior of a manufacturing facility located in Warren County.

The county has a dependable and teachable workforce from which to draw from, and plenty of outdoor recreation for them to enjoy as residents.

The well-equipped schools, ample shopping, and variety of housing enable residents to enjoy rural living without sacrificing convenience.

WarrenCo_Lake Gaston

Infrastructure and Support

WarrenCo_Downtown Warrenton_Storefronts

Proximity to metropolitan areas provides access to all major resources.

  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  • Major highways, including Interstate 85, U.S. Highway 1 and U.S. Highway 158
Front sign of RDU airport. An airplane is taking off in the background.
A water dam located in Warren County. Water is running over the dam into a calm pool below.
  • Multiple high-speed Internet options
  • Water, sewer and natural gas availability
  • More than 70,000 acres of freshwater lakes

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Warren County News

Warren County Selected for Golden LEAF SITE Identification Support

December 11, 2022
At their December 1, 2022 meeting, the Golden LEAF Board of Directors selected Warren County for SITE Identification support through its SITE Program. The SITE Program – Identification provides assistance to a community from a firm contracted by Golden LEAF to help identify potential industrial sites in the community. Warren County was the only community […]
Downtown Warrenton storefronts on an early morning.

Warren County Awarded $500,000 from EPA Grants

May 16, 2022
Warren County government was recently named one of thirteen grant recipients in North Carolina for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields Assessment Program. The county will receive a total of $500,000 over three years for a community-wide brownfields assessment. The grant does not require a local match.

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