Raleigh Ranks Third Best City for Millennials to Relocate


By Leigh Tauss, INDY Week

The Raleigh metro area is one of the most attractive places for Millenials to relocate, according to an analysis from Commerical Cafe.

Millennials— adults age 23 to 38—currently make up the largest portion of the workforce in the country.

The study ranked Raleigh third in the country, behind Denver and Austin, as a hot spot for Millenials by analyzing migration trends demographics, affordability, employment rates, educational levels, and commuter times.

“This research focuses on demographic and economic metrics but also recognizes that several other factors contribute to the perceived quality of life in each location,” according to the study. “For instance, a wide array of personal preferences can greatly influence an individual’s choice of living in a particular metropolitan area, such as the climate, geography, urban density, air quality, public transportation options, the local food, entertainment, and sporting scene.”

Raleigh has seen a nearly 13 percent increase in its millennial population since 2014, likely due in part due to the tech/startup culture and downtown’s renaissance. The City of Oaks also has among the lowest unemployment rates for millennials—less than 2.5 percent are hard up for a job.

Most notably, Millenials in Raleigh are among the most educated of the top metros, with 41 percent having a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

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