Durham Biotech-Startup Avicenna Biosciences sammelt $2,5M


Stealthy startup Avicenna Biosciences has raised $2.5 million in equity, laut einer aktuellen Wertpapieranmeldung.

One investor contributed to the round, which kicked off on Aug. 28.

Chris Meldrum, CEO and president of the Durham-based Avicenna Biosciences, signed the filing.

Little is known about the firm, however.

The company does not have a website.

According to his LinkedIn page, Meldrum has headed up the company since July of this year.

He is also listed as an entrepreneur in residence at DCVC Bio, which backs entrepreneurs who are building  solutions in therapeutics, food and agriculture by the application of computational technologies that will transform the life sciences.

Originalquelle des Artikels: WRAL TechWire