Raleighin startup, joka edistää digitaalista valmistusta, liittyy tekoälyyn keskittyvään kiihdytin


The software startup ExLattice, which provides technology powered by artificial intelligence to boost advanced manufacturing, will join an accelerator program known for advancing AI-based startups, NVIDIA Inception.

The company already provides real-time simulation for additive manufacturing processes, and notes on its website that its technology can predict “instantaneously” distortions in metal printing, claiming it is 100 times faster than other, more traditional simulation methods.

ExLattice, which was awarded an NC IDEA SEED grant of $50,000 in the fall of 2018, was founded by Runze Huang, Ph.D. He serves as CEO.

The company’s participation in the accelerator program will help the company deliver faster and better software for its clients, said Huang in a lausunto Tämä viikko.

In 2018, Huang told WRAL TechWire that additive manufacturing–or 3D printing–is rapidly evolving and would disrupt traditional manufacturing processes in the years to come.

The hurdles and challenges that existed in 2018 for the adoption of disruptive technology were print failure, long design cycles, and other difficulties in the design process, all of which would impact a company’s ability to limit cost, Huang said at the time.

The software his company built sought to address each of these issues.

Huang moved to the Triangle in 2017 following a visit to the region for a family reunion.  The company is now based in Raleigh, according to its website.

The NVIDA Inception program doesn’t operate in cohort groups, nor is it time-limited.  When a startup joins, they may elect to remain in the program by keeping their membership in the program active.

Original Article Source: WRAL TechWire