SAS היא המעסיקה המובילה ב-NC, אומר פורבס בסקר חדש

תאריך פרסום:

פארק משולש המחקר – SAS, annually regarded as one of the world’s top employers by a variety of surveys, is at the top of the 100 best companies to work for across North Carolina.

So says Forbes in a new report.

However, the list is not just about companies based in the state. For example, Microsoft came in No. 2 but is based in Washington state. The tech giant does, however, have employees based in NC.

Companies were ranked based on “organizations like best by employees,” Forbes says. It worked with market research firm Statista to compile the list.

Read at this link for the full NC list.

מקור המאמר המקורי: WRAL TechWire