SAS, Microsoft, NCSU חברו למאמץ מזון בטוח באמצעות טכנולוגיית האינטרנט של הדברים

תאריך פרסום:

קארי - North Carolina State University is teaming up Microsoft and SAS in a technology effort to help improve food security.

The partnership announced Tuesday will include cloud capabilities and internet of things from Microsoft known as FarmBeats and analysis of data by SAS to assess data gathered by NCSU researchers and students. Data will be streamed live, they add.

“To double food production by the year 2050, farmers need real-time information to make better decisions on what to plant and when to apply nutrients, water, pest and weed control measures,” said Richard Linton, Dean of NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in a statement.

“This is a key focus for researchers at NC PSI – to not only collect large amounts of crop and environmental data but to translate it into immediately accessible intelligence to improve harvest outcomes and agricultural sustainability. This collaboration between NC State, SAS and Microsoft represents a quantum step forward in advancing innovation in data-driven plant science.”

The partnership stems from a project involving SAS, Microsoft and NCSU.

“By giving NC State students the opportunity to work with SAS and Microsoft, we will help the next generation of technical talent grow their skills and expand their career opportunities, while accelerating precision agriculture and improving efforts to safely feed a growing population,” said Oliver Schabenberger, SAS Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

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