North Carolina is one of the most diversified agriculture states in the nation. With a rich agriculture history, the state continues to boast a strong farm culture, with nearly 48,000 farms growing over 80 different commodities and contributing $87 billion to the state’s economy.

The state’s strong foundation in agriculture paired with the Triangle Region’s technical resources and innovative ecosystem continues to drive new research and development in agriculture and create a unique environment for the growing Agtech industry.

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The Research Triangle Region employs 74% of North Carolina’s Agtech workforce and is home to more than 300 Agtech companies involved in diverse sectors such as plant and animal health, precision farming, environmental remediation, industrial compounds and human medicines. BASF and Syngenta, both world leaders in Agtech, each employ more than 1,000 employees in the region, and international companies including Novozymes and Bayer CropScience have their North American headquarters in the Research Triangle Park. 

Agtech is defined by companies that manufacturer fertilizer and pesticides. It also includes research & development in biotechnology that leads to modern advancements in agriculture, farm and food product machinery producers.

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