A rich, abundant farming economy lured the first agricultural biotechnology companies to our region decades ago.

Today, it’s our globally recognized agricultural biotechnology cluster that attracts them and helps them grow. They produce food, veterinary products, industrial enzymes and biofuels for a growing international marketplace and products that make crops more resistant to drought, disease, and insects and increases yield.

Why Here?

  • Four of six world leaders in plant ag biotech operate here: BASF Plant Science, Bayer CropScience, Monsanto, Syngenta
  • BASF, Bayer, and Syngenta have global or North American headquarters in the region
  • Novozymes’ North American headquarters is located here: The largest multi-purpose enzyme manufacturing facility in the U.S.
  • Other ag bio companies leverage the region’s unique mix of cross-over technologies to develop products, services, and processes
  • Developments in this cluster are transforming medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and the environment
  • Originator of a steady stream of discoveries by industry and university researchers
  • Hundreds of support organizations nurture the process of tech transfer and support industry growth