We're in one of the most diversified agriculture states in the nation.

North Carolina's strong foundation in agriculture paired with the Triangle Region’s technical resources and innovative ecosystem creates a unique environment for the growing AgTech industry.

From global corporations to disruptive startups the Triangle Region welcomes businesses of all sizes to our talented and innovative community. You'll be in good company with 74% of North Carolina’s AgTech workforce employed in the Research Triangle Region.

Four scientists inside of a lab storage facility. One pair of scientists is holding up and examining a glass container and the other pair are also examining and discussing a different glass container.

AgTech at a Glance

There are 100+ AgTech companies in the region.
There are 7,140 people employed in AgTech.
The average annual salary in AgTech is $134,000.
The AgTech industry contributed 1.2 billion dollars to the Gross Regional Product.
The AgTech industry has a 1.85 percent 1-Year Growth Rate.
The AgTech industry has a 17.2 percent 5-Year Growth Rate.

AgTech Companies Located in the Triangle

(Partial List)

Research Triangle AgTech Cluster

The Research Triangle AgTech Cluster is an industry-led initiative of business, government, academic and nonprofit leaders focused on accelerating AgTech innovation and North Carolina’s AgTech economy.

Map of agtech companies in the Research Triangle Region.

Incubators and Accelerators

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Ag TechInventures

AgTI is an agriculture technology innovation lab that further develops promising intellectual property in AgTech and infotech/precision agriculture. They identify the most promising agricultural technologies from university research labs​ and small scientific focused companies.

BioLabs North Carolina

BioLabs North Carolina is located in a unique biotech co-working facility in downtown Durham. Their aim is to attract the most ambitious startup companies in life sciences. This premium open lab space and office space favors collaboration. The lab is equipped with top-of-the-line research equipment, with additional services to help resident companies reach their milestones faster.

A pair of hands with medical gloves holding a glass beaker with a blue liquid solution in it. There is various lab equipment in the background, such as an electron microscope and other lab glassware.
Centennial Campus main building with distinct modern architecture on the outside wall (made of glass and metal). It is surrounded by greenery, sidewalks, and a main parking lot.

Centennial Campus

Centennial Campus is NC State University’s research campus, home to 75 corporate, government and nonprofit partners. It’s a place where NC State students and faculty live, work and learn alongside leaders in industry. It’s a proving ground for new ideas and new businesses. And it’s a launching pad for the university’s mission: creating prosperity across our state and nation.

First Flight Venture Center Inc.

A high-science, high-impact incubator located in the heart of Research Triangle Park. Established in 1991 to serve the initial needs of entrepreneurs and early-stage science companies. FFVC offers 25,000 square feet of leasable office and laboratory space for up to 40 emerging high-science, high-impact companies.

Aerial view of Centennial Campus, with the campus in the foreground, and downtown Raleigh in the distant background.

AgTech360 Podcast

The AgTech360 podcast takes a 360° view into emerging agriculture technologies by creating dialogue among industry leaders in everything from academia to growers to producers and more.

Created in partnership with NC State University's Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science in Agriculture (CERSA) and the Southern IPM Center, host Adrian Percy, Chief Technology Officer of UPL, talks with key industry stakeholders. Each episode highlights the importance and need for modern agriculture technologies that support global food security while conserving the environment.

The AgTech360 podcast is a great way to catch up on where the industry is today, and where it is headed tomorrow.

AgTech Industry News

Bayer launches new collaboration with Oerth Bio to further advance innovations in crop protection

January 21, 2023
Bayer and the agricultural biotech company Oerth Bio today announced a new collaboration seeking to develop the next generation of more sustainable crop protection products. The unique protein degradation technology used by Oerth Bio has the potential to generate products that support Bayer’s sustainability objective to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, via lower application rates and favorable safety profiles.