Our 350 cleantech firms are leading a global revolution in grid modernization, transportation, water, and sustainable energy that capitalizes on a unique blend of hardware and software.

This winning combination is propelling advances in intelligent energy generation, distribution, management, and consumer services, as well as cross-over areas of smart transportation and smart water. And our providers of electric, gas, and telecommunications services go beyond providing reliable services to our life sciences, technology, agribusiness, logistics and manufacturing companies – they actually enhance operations, based on their deep and longstanding insight into each field’s particular needs.

Why Here?

  • We have an expansive number of specialty centers focused on cleantech R&D: 4 smart energy research centers, 4 electric vehicle research centers, 17 water research and policy centers, 16 entrepreneurial support organizations
  • Cree was awarded Most Innovative Company in Energy by Fast Company due to its creation of the first $10 LED bulb and an entire line of consumer LED lighting
  • N.C.S.U.’s FREEDM Systems Center is becoming the “internet for energy” by transforming the nation’s electric power grid into a smart grid that stores and distributes renewable energy produced from solar panels and wind farms
  • Chatham Park, a 7,000-plus-acre live-work-and-play community in a rural part of our region, is being developed as a global smart city model, using technologies, products, and services developed in the region
  • Cary in Wake County is quickly gaining acclaim for its SAS-and-Sensus technology-enabled water system that remotely monitors residents’ water usage and sends texts alerts when usage spikes