One of the more recent additions to the region’s industry cluster scene is Cleantech. It’s quite diverse and also already quite large. Companies in the Cleantech sector can generally be identified by the fact that they are working towards preserving natural resources. In the Research Triangle Region, this includes a heavy focus on smart grid technologies, smart metering and expanding renewable energy technologies.

Cleantech has seen a 24.4% growth rate over the last five years. This compares to a national average of just under 7%. Today, there are more than 1850 companies operating in this space, which collectively employ almost 27,000 people. Cleantech represents 2.8% of the region’s total employment and contributes $4.6 billion towards the Gross Regional Product.

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Industry Highlight: PowerSecure

Founded in Wake Forest, NC in 2000, PowerSecure has grown to 1700 employees and is now a Southern Company subsidiary. The company provides energy solutions in distributed generation, energy storage and renewables, energy efficiency and utility infrastructure.

PowerSecure expanded into its new 260,000 square foot campus in Durham County in 2017. The decision to stay and grow in the Research Triangle region was made for several reasons, including it’s ability to attract and retain top talent, and close proximity to several partners, suppliers and vendors. The company’s location near the Raleigh-Durham International Airport also makes it easy for customers to visit its facility where it can showcase new technologies on its very own microgrid.

Image Credit: PowerSecure

Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster

The Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC) is an industry-funded, industry-led initiative of business, government, academic and nonprofit leaders focused on accelerating cleantech innovation and our cleantech economy. Visit their website to learn more.