Life Sciences

From discovery to delivery, companies that support the life sciences in this region find opportunities for innovating along the entire advanced medical care value chain.

This region is also a nexus for public, private, and university partners who collaborate on solutions, and home to world-renowned medical centers operated by our major research universities. This industry also has cross-over technology strengths – from nanotechnology to pervasive computing – that support major advances in drug development and delivery.

Why Here?

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  • U.S. Leader in life sciences research, development, and manufacturing
  • Home to two of the world’s top university teaching and research hospitals (Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Populated with industry-leading physicians, biomedical scientists, engineers, visionaries
  • Birthplace of inventions such as the 3D ultrasound and the first FDA-approved brain stem cochlear implant
  • Strong R&D competencies in therapeutics development, genomics/proteomics, gene therapy, medical devices, medical diagnostics, sensors, informatics, information technology and communications
  • World’s top maker of vaccines and home to one of the largest concentrations of pharmaceutical companies and support organizations in the world

“New York: Greatest city in the world. I have offices there. Chicago: Greatest city in America? I grew up there. My bet for the future? The Research Triangle Region. I thrive here. ”

Brad W. Brinegar, Chairman & CEO, McKinney