Technology is a huge industry sector in the Research Triangle Region that includes what most people think of when they think of tech: software developers, hardware manufacturers, and telecommunication companies. But some of the fastest growing segments are in fields like analytics, nanotechnology, Internet of Things, photonics, and wearables.

Almost 60,000 people are employed by close to 4,000 technology firms in the Research Triangle Region and the industry continues to see explosive growth. The average annual wage is more than $121,000 and the tech sector contributes $14.6 billion a year to the gross regional product.

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Industry Highlight: Ipreo

Ipreo by IHS Markit opened its office in downtown Raleigh (Wake County) in 2013 to access the strong talent pool in the Research Triangle Region. The company, which is a global financial services, data and analytics firm, has since grown its local presence to more than 350 people. The company’s most recent expansion announcement (April 24, 2018) of an additional 250 jobs will allow it to enhance its offerings in financial software, capital markets intelligence, and real-time data and analysis solutions.

“The depth and breadth of talent in the local market and educational infrastructure continue to be compelling, and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve locally to help drive the growth of our business globally.”

— O’Hara Macken, Global Head of Corporate Solutions and North Carolina Site Lead

IHS Markit is a leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for major industries and markets worldwide.

Photo Credit: Ipreo