La startup di edge computing EDJX a Raleigh ottiene $6,4 milioni dagli investitori

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RALEIGH – EDJX, a new venture in Raleigh focused on so-called “edge computing,” has $6.4 million in new cash after tapping 19 investors.

In a debt raise with funds to be used for “general operations,” EDJX disclosed the financing in an Deposito alla SEC.

Edge computing is definito come “distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth.”

And EDJX’s founders – John Cowan, Delano Seymour and James Thomason, all cited as “cloud industry veterans” in the firm’s LinkedIn profile – believes it has an edge in delivering cloud-based solutions.

“EDJX is a distributed edge computing platform and decentralized peer to peer marketplace created to meet the exponential demand growth for data processing that will serve trillions of mobile, IoT, Web 3.0, and personal devices at the edge,” the company says.

“EDJX is leading the revolution for real-world edge computing applications including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.”

Currently enrolling firm in a beta test program, EDJX asks what users to could do “if you could deliver content, process data, and run code at ultra-low latency, closer to users and connected things than ever before?” EDJX says it is “deploying thousands of locations to create an edge cloud platform that’s faster, more reliable, and more secure.”

By working with EDJX, the company says “it is incredibly easy to start building apps at planet-scale.”

Among the advantages its technology offers, according to the EDJX website:

  • Accelerate apps and IoT

Brings your content, code, and data closer to end users and devices than ever before to accelerate and improve experiences.

  • Ditch complex tools

With EDJX serverless edge, you don’t need to manage Kubernetes, containers, or VMs to build and scale edge apps.

  • Reduce cloud costs

Process data at the edge right next to users and devices to reduce cloud bandwidth and storage costs.

EDJX has some 20 employees with operations in Raleigh and San Francisco.

Fonte articolo originale: WRAL TechWire