Venture Connect Online の第 1 弾で 32 のスタートアップがピッチに参加


32 のスタートアップ企業が、第 1 回で投資家に自社のテクノロジーおよびライフ サイエンス製品を売り込む準備を進めています。 Venture Connect Online, a three-part virtual program hosted by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

Startups hail from cities across the state, from Wilmington to the Triangle, to the Triad and Charlotte, to the mountains.

Monday’s round of pitches will feature a diverse mix of startups developing solutions for a wide range of markets, including ecommerce, medical diagnostics, HR and employee engagement, edtech and more.

Here’s an overview of the startups pitching:


  • EasyVote Solutions Inc.: A SaaS platform for state, county and local election offices. (Read TechWire’s EasyVote profile ここ.)
  • 学習プラットフォーム: An edtech platform that allows school districts to streamline their operations and processes. (Check out more coverage of LearnPlatform ここ.)
  • Venti, LLC: Provides sensors and software to help first responders access important, real-time environmental data.
  • One DonationRTP: An employee engagement platform that uses payroll deductions to donate to nonprofits.
  • 6AM City: A hyperlocal social media platform where communities can share content with eachother.
  • Blue Recruit, Inc.: A recruitment platform where job seekers can create a free profile and find an employer seeking talent fitting their background.
  • CERCA: A participant engagement and networking app for event hosts.
  • Feedstation: An automated ecommerce workflow platform.
  • Floodlight Software: A SaaS platform that streamlines processes for industrial inspection and field service companies.
  • Newsco Inc: A platform that manages, organizes and distributes corporate communications.
  • Reflekt Me: A web-based tool that lets ecommerce businesses show how products will look on their customers’ body type and other characteristics.
  • Plan2Play: An event scheduling and engagement platform for employers, HOAs and recreational facilities.
  • Protopia: An AI-based platform that connects university alumni to students seeking mentors.
  • ホームレンディングパル: An AI-powered platform that provides mortgage affordability and risk details to homebuyers.
  • ProAxion: A sensor-based remote health monitoring system for machine maintenance and monitoring. (Check out more ProAxion coverage ここ.)
  • Voxelight: Provides an app that allows users to see if/where they missed a spot while applying sunscreen. The company also has a B2B sales platform.
  • Wellnecity: Helps self-insured employers manage employee healthcare benefits and choose the most cost-effective programs.
  • A service that allows users to apply, track and play for sign, solar, alarm and constriction permits.
  • Flow ROI: A platform that helps realtors streamline their processes and workflows.


  • Cell Microsystems, Inc.: An automated platform that allows research organizations to easily image, sort and isolate single cells for analysis.
  • Gemelli Biotech: Develops human microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics solutions.
  • Sparta BioMedical, Inc.: Develops orthopedic treatment and therapy for people with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Betr Health: A telehealth app that lets users connect with lifestyle coaches for their health needs.
  • OpiAID. LLC: A wearable device and SaaS app for addiction treatment and recovery.
  • Intake: A urine test that measures dietary intake and other health biomarkers. Users can create a nutrition plan and track their data in an app.
  • リバイブテクノロジーズ: A wearable device that helps children and adults improve their focus and attention span.
  • Snthesis Inc.: A platform that allows organizations to capture, aggregate and analyze biotechnology research data in one place.
  • Sweetie Pie Organics: Provides nutrition products for maternal health needs.
  • AnelleO, Inc.: A startup that’s developing a 3D-printed intravaginal ring to treat women’s health conditions.
  • Aptus Bioreactors: A startup that’s developing heart valve replacement technology designed to use tissue regeneration to improve quality of life for patients with lifelong heart conditions.
  • バイオ美学: Provides a nipple-areolar complex graft for patients undergoing breast reconstruction. Over time, the patient’s cells grow into the graft permanently.
  • URO – 1, Inc.: A bladder injection system to help reduce complications following urinary procedures.

After the company presentations, an investor panel will feature VCs from ブルシティベンチャーパートナーズIDEA Fund そして 共同創業者の資本. This session is only open to investor attendees.

Finally, an educational webinar facilitated by Wilson Sonsini will discuss how startups can sell their company’s mission and solution to investors.

The next two sessions in Venture Connect will be on May 11 and May 18 at 10 a.m. In total, more than 90 startups will get an opportunity to pitch over the course of the three-week program. Stay tuned for previews of the next round of startups. 

元の記事の出典: WRAL TechWire