NC의 FDI: 존스턴 카운티에 Novo Nordisk $20억 투자

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노보 노르디스크, a Danish manufacturer of insulin and related products, has invested almost $2 billion in 존스턴 카운티. The manufacturing facilities in Clayton, NC employs more than 700 members of the community.

The decision to expand in Johnston County is a result of the strong partnership Novo Nordisk has formed with state and local leaders, and the quality of the local workforce.

Novo Nordisk collaborates closely with 존스턴 커뮤니티 칼리지 and Johnston County Public Schools, for example, in life sciences curricula at the Johnston County Workforce Center, a 30,000-sq.-ft. training facility built on land the company donated to the county. The Workforce Center also announced in April a $1.3 million renovation to support the skill needs of Novo Nordisk.

“For some time, we have been evaluating several options to bring more capacity into the U.S….after a thorough evaluation of multiple sites and an extensive vetting process, Clayton ended up being our preferred location,” said Jesper Høiland, President of Novo Nordisk Inc. USA and Executive Vice President Novo Nordisk A/S.

“We already have a large and very professional organization here, and have been impressed by the excellent collaboration we have had with this city, county and state leadership, and appreciate the incentives they have secured in connection with this investment.”